Connections Newsletter

What is Connections??

Connections is more than just a newsletter that your coordinators use to connect with you. Connections is a platform for everyone to use and communicate.
The ways in which we use connections is through having all voices heard. This is done with Heather through Director’s News and one of the coordinators in Coordinator’s News. But this is not the only form of communication, we also communicate with articles, training calendars, what’s on and reminders. This is how the scheme is using Connections to connect with Educators.

How do Educators use Connections to communicate?

Every edition you will see a section in Connections called Educator’s Corner. This area is dedicated to all Educators. This is your area to share your ideas, experiences, activities, outings, those magical child moments. You can also write a book review on a book that may have helped you, inspired you or the children just love. Share your favourite website or facebook page that you use for inspiration, activity ideas etc. The options are endless for you to share with your fellow Educators.

You don’t have to write pages and pages or be a journalist, all is need is an idea and a vision.

Email your Educator’s Corner to or to your area coordinator

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