Darwin Family Day Care Educators are Education and Care professionals who work from their own home to provide a child care service for other people’s children in a family setting.

Why choose Darwin Family Day Care?

  • Families and educators work in partnership, developing a consistent close relationship in a small ‘family’ style setting.

  • Siblings of varying ages can attend the same educators home including after school

  • Educators are required to have the same minimum qualifications as centre based education and care

  • All educators are registered and meet the requirements of the Australian Government Education and Care National Quality Framework

  • Educators are screened, approved, monitored and supported by Darwin Family Day Care Practice Mentors

  • Educators provide standard contracted hours and some Educators may be able to accommodate flexible hours of care including early mornings, weekends, evenings or overnight

  • Families have access to resources and support from Darwin Family Day Care Practice Mentors


Small groups and having a consistent educator, supports current thinking in early childhood research where children who feel safe, have secure attachments and the confidence to explore and investigate the world around them is the foundation that supports learning and development.

The Educators and families build positive relationships and shared understanding of children’s preferences, interests, background and culture allow educators to plan their curriculum to be engaging, relevant, culturally and in context with the community. 

The Curriculum

There is a diversity of influences and approach between the educators curriculum with approaches ranging from Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Steiner and extending to nature based and inquiry pedagogies.  All educators are guided by the fundamental tenants of play based learning in a culturally aware, inclusive and responsive context with the child at the centre of the relationship between family, community and education and care.