What you need to know about becoming a Darwin Family Day Care Educator

Starting Off Right
There are some important first steps to take before you are ready to begin operating your family day care service. 

You need to have:

  • A genuine liking for children and interest in their development
  • A caring and understanding nature, with the ability to give encouragement 
  • Patience and the imagination to provide stimulating play and learning
  • Organisational skills and the ability to manage your business including your own tax
  • The ability to maintain a high standard of presentation in your indoor and outdoor spaces
  • A professional approach including keeping up-to-date with training to develop your skills and extend your knowledge
  • The ability to respect the individual needs of children and families from various backgrounds 

Do I have to be registered?
Yes, you need to meet the Australian National Law, Regulations and Standards to be registered as an approved educator.  Your induction training will get you started. 

How many children can I provide education and care for in my home?
The maximum number of children for is as follows:

  • Seven children including your own children.
    • Of those seven children, no more than four may be under school age (i.e. infants, toddlers, preschool children)

Is it expensive to get started?
There are for example, registration, insurance, first aid, Working with Children Clearances, resources and equipment costs.  

What about my home?
Your home will need to be assessed for suitability as an education and care service.  

For example:

  • Indoor and outdoor space
  • Maintain a high standard of presentation 
  • Health and safety
  • Pets 
  • People living in the home
  • Permission from your landlord

What qualifications will I need?
You will need to have completed or be enrolled in a Certificate III in Children’s Services.  We can help you get started. 

How much can I earn?
How much you earn will depend on the number of children you provide for, the hours you work and demand in your area.  Darwin Family Day Care is a self-employment option for people who want to set up in a business that will give them a flexible, fulfilling, varied and challenging profession.

What are the steps to becoming an Darwin Family Darwin Care Educator ?

  1. Make an inquiry by either calling 8920 0600 or completing the form below
  2. Initial suitability screening
  3. Invitation to formally apply 
  4. Initial Home Assessment
  5. Formal interview  
  6. Successfully complete induction training
  7. Complete all required mandatory registration training and checks (i.e.First Aid, Working with Children Clearance, National Police Certificate) 
  8. Final Business Plan and Home Assessment 
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