Landscaping has started at Maniltoa Children’s Centre and we are in the final stages of construction. There is still fencing and the car park to be completed and the timeline for opening has been extended to late September. There will be an opportunity for tours of the centre prior to opening. We will keep you updated and give a final date (as soon as it is possible to be a definite date).

Please fill out the enquiry form to be updated when dates are confirmed. Intake will be based on an initial an family orientation of the centre with opportunities for you to tell us about your child, ask any questions, have a tour of the centre, discuss our philosophy and educational approach. ** Please note the centre does not provide meals. Children bring a lunch box with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Obtaining a place will depend upon the outcome of the orientation, age and availability of places at the centre. After this process you would be invited to complete the enrolment documentation at the centre.

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